New Information on the Under-Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD

by Barbara Shelton

Barbara Shelton presented this very informative workshop at the OCA fall conference. This presentation addresses the facts, the myths, and the measures taken to identify and provide services for students diagnosed with ADHD.

Guiding the Child Through Grief and Loss

by Carolyn Nees, M.Ed., L.P.C., N.C.S.C.

Most parents will be faced with responsibility of guiding their child through the loss of a loved one. This article can assist parents in this difficult task.

Student Success Skills

Student Success Skill: A curriculum for study skills that has shown evidence of improving test scores in Florida. This curriculum is currently being evaluated in a rigorous way through an IES grant.

Conference Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentation from the 2013 conference keynote (large file download).

Bully Prevention

Dealing With Bullies

written by Margaret Durham

Bullying is a serious problem in American schools. Whether it is a smirk or a punch, bullying can leave permanent emotional injuries. Parents should be aware of the facts about bullying.

Integrating bullying prevention information into curriculum and school activities is an effect way to eliminate bullying. Here is a list of evidence-based bullying prevention programs examined and approved by federal agencies to assist schools in their prevention efforts.


The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) strives to advance SEL science, evidencebased practice, and policy. Our current major focus involves a national Collaborating Districts Initiative to establish preschool through high school SEL programming in schools throughout the United States.

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